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Never Get Caught Hi-Fiving In The Parking Lot!
"I've attended both the one-day Sales Negotiating and the two-day Negotiating From Strength seminars custom designed for our company by Mark Neely Seminars and found them to be informative as well as experiential. Mark Neely brings a humanistic approach to negotiation skills training that goes beyond "win-win" to help participants understand that how we conduct ourselves in business relationships not only affects others' perceptions of us, but also how we view ourselves.  Mark consistently receives the highest ratings from our staff members who attend his courses."

Peter Coursey
Training Manager
Forbes Platinum 400 Company (Homebuilding)
"Effective selling requires that you demonstrate your intention to focus on the interests of the customer. Effective negotiating requires that you never forget your own interests in the pursuit of the other party’s satisfaction."
-- Mark Neely


About Mark Neely

Mark NeelyMark comes from Chicago, finished high school in Charleston, SC, and received a B.A. from Antioch University with an emphasis in Organizational Management.

Since 1990 he has worked as an independent corporate trainer and consultant. In 1998 he formed Mark Neely Seminars and has conducted and designed training programs for companies in North America and Europe.

Mark's intention in training is to help individuals find and express their strengths in the most productive manner, while aiming for greater depth of trust and cooperation in the building of professional relationships. His purpose is to make training both productive and enjoyable. Mark specializes in the design of customized learning experiences for corporate staff, focusing on employee interaction and exercises that lead to greater self-awareness on the part of attendees. His programs are based on research in the areas of business philosophy and psychology, as well as on his own experiences and observations as a corporate trainer and consultant.

Speech and Training Topics include:

  • Building Trust and Overcoming Conflict
  • Communicating Intentions
  • The Art of Cooperation
  • Buyers as Leaders
  • Negotiating From Strength
  • Negotiation For Sales Groups
  • Cross Selling
  • Advanced Sales Training
  • The Motivating Manager
  • Effective Sales Presentations
  • Managing Culture Change.

He has conducted these speeches and programs for such organizations as TQ3 Travel Services, Navigant International Travel Services, ACTE, MBTA, PSBTA, Securitas Security Services, Aquent Partners, AICC, Weyerhaeuser, NAPM, Molina Fine Jewelers, Mercedes Homes, Fox Ridge Homes, NV and Ryan Homes, among others.

From 1977-1990, in New York and in Los Angeles, Mark worked as an actor. Credit listings at IMDB website: http://www.imdb.com/find?s=all&q=mark+neely (Mark Neely I).

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