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"Mark Neely is a remarkably effective communicator. Few people in his profession possess his originality, insight and wit. The participants get the benefit of superb experience and genuine passion for improvement. All in all, Mark brings real value with a lasting impact for organizations and individuals looking for meaningful change in their business and professional lives."

Thomas J. Higgins
Prosetta Corp.

"Concessions of personal value (listening, respecting and concern) encourage flexibility in the other party. They cost nothing, they get you much in return, yet they are sometimes the toughest to give."

-- Mark Neely



The one-day seminar, Negotiation for Sales Groups, designed by Mark Neely, gives attendees a clear sense of both the technical and emotional aspects involved in negotiating through the issues involved in the sales process, as well as working with others within their own company in a cooperative and productive manner.

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In this program attendees will become more self-aware regarding their own patterned responses to conflict, tension and pressure so as to be able to make more conscious choices when dealing with customers and peers. The emphasis is on becoming more aware of one’s own behavior so as to be able to make room for greater understanding concerning the point of view and interests of the customer. This process is balanced with practical techniques designed to help raise profitability through more effective planning, greater clarity of interests and ultimately a commitment to an ethical approach that leads individuals to a greater sense of personal responsibility and an understanding that the interests of one’s own organization and team must not be compromised.

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360° Selling alters the traditional, adversarial relationship between a sales person and a sales prospect. It does so by providing a consultative sales approach that demonstrates a commitment to knowing the customer better than your competitors do, along with a willingness and capacity to help the customer to succeed. This outward focus, coupled with an emphasis on building more cooperative relationships within your own company brings home the concept that in order to succeed, each individual must hold a 360° view of selling.
This is done by applying professional skills in a way that leads the customer to trust you more profoundly because of your knowledge of his business as well as your ability and dedication to finding ways to help lower his overall cost.
By helping your customer to succeed, you succeed!
This training program will focus on:

  • A meaningfully consultative approach to selling.
  • Building awareness of the customer’s industry and business challenges.
  • Gaining trust from the customer to such a level that will allow deeper organizational awareness of and connection to the account.
  • Developing a concept of selling that will lead to Positive Differentiation within the marketplace as well as a clarified approach to Gaining New Business.
  • Creating an Internal Culture of Cooperation within your own company.
  • Negotiating concepts that will reinforce a cooperative approach to selling and profitability

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Additional Speech and Seminar Topics Include:

  • Internal Negotiations - Building A Culture Of Leadership and Cooperation
  • Creating Success Under Pressure
  • Building Trust - And Keeping It!
  • Interests and Intentions - Connecting With Your customer
  • The Five Points of Planning

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