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"Mark Neely has been a sales and negotiation skills trainer for AICC for five years.  His courses consistently receive some of our highest evaluations, no doubt due to his ability to understand our industry's issues and apply them to the day-to-day situations which our members face.  Mark's a winner!"

A. Steven Young
Executive Vice President
AICC (Association of Independent Corrugated Converters)

Listen to Mark "negotiate" a corporate travel contract at the ACTE XI Capital Ideas Global Impact Convention:
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The one-day seminar, Negotiation for Sales Groups, designed by Mark Neely, gives attendees a clearer sense of both the technical and emotional aspects involved in negotiating through the issues involved in the sales process, as well as working with others within their own company in a cooperative and productive manner.

Attendees will come away with a more confident approach to working through the challenges put forth by customers which will hopefully lead to a personal process that allows trust and satisfaction to be developed more quickly and more profoundly.

It is understood that the pressure you face is significant. You must deal with customers, management expectations, competition, family obligations and life itself. This course will try to help you to remain at your highest professional level even when the world seems designed to knock you down.

There will be two role-plays customized to the specific challenges of the market in which attendees work. No one gets up in front of the group, though. Instead, role-plays are designed as interactive, one-on-one exercises that are both realistic and fun.

Before each class, Mark spends the time needed to customize the program. Interviews with staff and management are conducted and role-plays are designed to reflect real-world situations occurring within the client’s market. Additionally, each attendee completes pre-class assignments and work sheets which brings everyone together for the training fully prepared to participate and learn.

Pre-course work is an essential part of the experience! -- contact Mark for an example

The program starts at 8:30 and ends at 4:00. There will be a break for lunch at noon as well as one short break in the morning and one in the afternoon.

Following are some of the topics covered in the program:

Pressure - Here we look into how the feelings of pressure create a defensive impulse that easily leads to self-focus. We will discuss how to overcome this and remain professional even when the customer or situations in general seem to be working against us. This discussion and related role-play exercise form a basis for much of the program's direction.

Concessions - This is a very important technical discussion. We will look into methods for leading the customer to a feeling of satisfaction while giving up as little as possible of a material value.

Hidden Dollars - Doing the math, thinking through how much something costs before discussing whether or not it should be given away. We will do a short, customized exercise around this issue.

Aspiration and Fear - Here we discuss the patterned responses that come up in the face of fear, anxiety and pressure. How do you keep your confidence up enough to ask tough questions or make demands when you don't think the other person will see the value of what you are offering? How do you stand tall in the face of another person's bad behavior or unreasonable manner? These points will be explored.

Tactics - Customers often use tactics to try to break your resolve or wear you down. Here, we'll identify some of the main tactics they use and discuss how to counter them.

Planning - A short process will be proposed to help attendees focus their energies and present themselves to the customer in the most professional manner possible.

A Sample Outline of Negotiation for Sales Groups:
  • Introduction
  • Role Play
  • Pressure vs. Power
  • Areas of Flexibility
  • Planning Process - Application Exercise
  • Concession Making Technique - Leading the customer to a feeling of satisfaction while protecting profit
  • Customized Application Exercise
  • Aspiration and Fear
  • Tactics
  • Customized Role-Play
  • Planning Process (detailed)
  • Post-Class Assignment

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