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If you keep doing what you've been doing, you'll keep getting what you've been getting - Less 10% every year!
"Mark Neely has been a sales and negotiation skills trainer for AICC for five years.  His courses consistently receive some of our highest evaluations, no doubt due to his ability to understand our industry's issues and apply them to the day-to-day situations which our members face.  Mark's a winner!"

A. Steven Young
Executive Vice President
AICC (Association of Independent Corrugated Converters)

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The Patterns of Success: A 360° Approach to Selling

Content Clarified

Introduction – We will start by taking a sober look at how things have changed over the past few years (especially within the past year) and challenge the group to recognize the reality that,  “If you keep doing what you’ve been doing, you will keep getting what you’ve been getting – LESS 20% each year!”

Researching the Customer –. What information is necessary for a sales person to know when it comes to helping the customer to succeed? It is essential to understand the values, challenges, interests and objectives of the companies we work with. In this section, we will identify the various ways in which a sales person can learn about customers, prospects and whole industries so as to be better prepared to help the customer as well as to be immediately perceived as informed and professional by the customer.

Consultative Selling – In this section we will discover ways to get away from a self-focused approach to selling and move towards a consultative role with the customer. This builds trust as the sales person begins to be perceived as part of the customer’s team rather than simply as just another vendor. We will take a 360° approach to this topic. The sales person must rely on his/her own internal team while supporting the customer.  This requires a willingness to bring others into the sales process rather than “going it alone.” We will reinforce team concepts of selling as well as look at how to show the customer ways to lower cost and add value to their process. We will look at how to focus on the customer’s customers rather than on the first point of contact.

Appreciating the Customer’s Cost for a Supplier’s Non-Compliance – In this section we will look at the extremely sensitive issue of non-compliance as it is felt and understood by the customer. For sales people who are confident enough to look at their own as well as their own company’s imperfections, understanding of this concept will separate them from their competition quickly and in a way that builds customer trust and connection. The emphasis will be on how to use this understanding as a way to more fluidly move through the process of gaining new business. We will build on pre-course work and much discussion will be generated through round-table interaction.

The Matrix of Interaction – Because of the pressures brought on by the sales process, it is difficult to hold a broad view of the path to success. We tend to look at the person in front of us only and often forget about all the other points of contact within the customer’s organization as well as our own who play a role in the process. In this section, we will work through a map of interaction that will help the sales person to navigate more effectively through the consultative selling process. This piece of the puzzle will help to build a bridge to a shared path of success for both your company as well as for your customers.

Internal Alignment: The Necessity of Working Together – Here we will explore the patterns that have been developed over time that have led many of us to a self-focused view of the world and then we will look at how much more effectively we can pursue our own goals as well as the common goals we have with others if we take a broader, leadership-based approach to our work lives. Participants will be directed to share in round-table discussion relating to the challenges of working with peers as well as department-to-department. Each table will present their ideas on how to more effectively break down the barriers to cooperative effort within your company. Emphasis will be placed on individual responsibility for building a Culture of Cooperation.

Building a Template For Success – In this section, each table will begin to develop ideas for building a template for a 360° Selling Process. Working with pre-course assignments as well as a sample template, the outcome of this effort should lead to an effective and simple step-by-step outline of selling to customers as well as identifying the crucial areas requiring internal communication and cooperation.

Negotiating Skills – We will look at the keys to building profit through careful negotiation. Within this section, we will review The Effect of Pressure on Perspective and Confidence; Concession-Making Technique; Tactics; Asking For Something In Return. Additionally, we will emphasize how Trust is negotiated between co-workers.

Putting It All Together – Here we will begin the process of defining an overall approach to selling and identify the next steps individuals as well as the whole team will need to take in order to reach the organizational and personal goals that have been clarified. Post-session assignments will be given and an interactive approach between management and sales will be identified regarding the follow-up to this training.


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