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The Keys to Building Trust
With Individuals In Your Own Company Who Have a Different Focus Than You

  1. Clearly stated, measurable organizational goals
  2. Understanding of personal values and interests
  3. Other person's expectation of respect when attempting to bridge the gap of difference
  4. The perception of fairness relative to reward, refusal, recognition and deterrence
  5. Predictable behavior

What Staff Looks for From Leadership
Employee Charter

  1. Tell me what you want me to do.
  2. Tell me to what speed, volume and level of performance you expect it to be done.
  3. Tell me what sort of behavior you expect of me.
  4. If I am doing things wrong, tell me how to get back on the path, whether through demonstration, teaching or by leading me to the resources I need to teach myself.
  5. If I am doing things well, acknowledge from time to time, the value of my effort.
  6. Treat me fairly and compensate me reasonably.
  7. Treat me with respect.

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